Seba Marathon 110

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The Marathon 110mm is providing good support, closest fit and the best energy transfer.
Equipped with high quality metal frames, wheels and bearings the Marathon provides you with speed, comfort and the capability to go long distances.
Recommended for experienced skater looking for comfort and performance. Best for pathway, city and speedskating.

Inline Specs:

Shell: Carbon fibre + Fibre Glass
Colour: Black
Options: Trix custom colour kits
Frames: Marathon 195 - 110
Wheels: CC 110/84A
Bearings: Twincam ILQ9 Pro
Use: Grand Tourism, Speed, Enduro

More Information
Liner TypeNo
Frame MaterialsNo
Number of Wheels4
Wheel ConfigurationNo
Wheel Size (mm)110
Wheel ShapeNo
Core StandardNo
Bearing RatingNo
Axle Size (mm)No
Axle TypeNo
Axle MaterialsNo
Spacer MaterialsNo
Spacer Size (mm)No
Spacer StandardNo
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