Seba SJ Black

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This new, high end, evolutive Junior skate is offering a wide range of skating possibilities.
It features a rocker-able frame to adjust the setup, the new Street Kings Junior wheels and a double strap.

Let the kids enjoy and improve their skills!

Inline Specs:

Size: 29-32 / 33-36
Shell: Adjustable
Options: Rocker or flat setup
Frames: Rocker-able (flat or rockered)
Wheels: Street Kings Junior 68 mm/82A (29-32) / 72mm/82A (33-36)
Bearings: ABEC 5
Use: Freestyle, City Skating

More Information
Liner TypeNo
Frame MaterialsNo
Wheel ConfigurationNo
Wheel Size (mm)No
Wheel ShapeNo
Core StandardNo
Bearing RatingNo
Axle Size (mm)No
Axle TypeNo
Axle MaterialsNo
Spacer MaterialsNo
Spacer Size (mm)No
Spacer StandardNo
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