Seba SX 2 Street

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The guys at SEBA have reworked on a new shell, this time it's made of plastic in order to bring more flexibility and more comfort while the carbon allows to bring more maintenance and precision. A very nice side effect: The new SX 2 modell is much cheaper than the carbon versions before.

Thanks to the rockering system, the SEBA street frame can be mounted with up to 4X64mm wheels. It comes originally mounted with antirockers, CJ.Wellsmore 60mm wheels and SEBA Twincam MW9 - the MW series are with 7 balls, very strong, with a great spin and grade 9.

Inline Specs:

Liner: Integrated
Frame: Seba Agressive Frame
Wheels: 60mm CJ Wellsmore Wheels, Seba Anti-rockers
Bearings: Twincam Titalium Freeride

More Information
Liner TypeNo
Frame MaterialsNo
Number of Wheels2, 4
Wheel ConfigurationNo
Wheel Size (mm)No
Wheel ShapeNo
Core StandardNo
Bearing RatingNo
Axle Size (mm)No
Axle TypeNo
Axle MaterialsNo
Spacer MaterialsNo
Spacer Size (mm)No
Spacer StandardNo
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