Seba Trix Junior Deluxe Blue

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The TriX Junior Deluxe skates are freestyle skates created for talented young riders who want to show their style in competitions.

Adjustable, thanks to the 3-in-1 insole system, these models will accompany the future champions in their growth, and allow them to reach higher and higher levels.

Inline Specs:

Size: 33-35 / 36-38 / 38-40
Frames: Deluxe rockered frame
Wheels: Street Kings JR
Bearings: ABEC 5
Use: Freestyle, Fitness, Freeride, City Skating

More Information
Liner TypeNo
Frame MaterialsNo
Number of Wheels4
Wheel ConfigurationNo
Wheel Size (mm)76
Wheel ShapeNo
Core StandardNo
Bearing RatingNo
Axle Size (mm)No
Axle TypeNo
Axle MaterialsNo
Spacer MaterialsNo
Spacer Size (mm)No
Spacer StandardNo
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